Orlando J. Izaguirre
Graphical Creativity!
Creative Graphic Design & Illustration!

Graphical Creativity!

Creative Graphic Design & Illustration!


About Me

Hi I'm Orlando J. Izaguirre and I was born in Monterrey, Mexico since 38 years, I'm graphic design graduated of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and I have experience in illustration, editorial design, advertising and branding, I was work in Print.a.Graphic (press), Periodicos El Valle (in advertising area), CitriCo Studio where I have a comic's to Goverment of Nuevo León, and one of Mexico's most importants newspapers Milenio Diario where I did the local, national and culture pages and covers of this sections, infography's and many illustration to many projects, I have experience in the advertising of Fundación Colosio (politican foundation), if you want a creative, Contact me!


I'm an artist, I exhibit my firts work in 1998 in the Facultad de Artes Visuales in a scholar exihibition, and in 1999 too in the matery named "production process", many years go I exhibit of new in this year 2009 I have an illustration in the expo "Tiempos Perdidos" to Editorial Eter & Café Mozart


Well, I have a experiencie of designer, to me the design its a great job, and a opportunitie to explore the creativity in all tings of I can see and combine this with the marketing, and it's similar to the illustration!
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